10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel Light Pink 15 g

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TYPE: base, tops, colors, building, masking, french manicure
LED CURING: 36 W / 60 sec
UV/LED CURING: 36 W / 60 sec
COVERAGE: covering, transparent

The revolution has come! Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel is 10 properties contained in one product! With its help you will harden weak and brittle nails, build nails on the form, and even extend and reconstruct them. You can use it yourself, but it will also work as a foundation for a color hybrid. Available in two colors: Clear and Light Pink, which can also be used as a stand-alone color.

It is designed for all types of nails, even those very weak. It will make any hybrid styling last extremely long. Irreplaceable, innovative, revolutionary!

Silcare 10in1 Revoultion Hybrid Gel is:

  1. Base – ideally suited as a base for hybrid and gel stylizations
  2. Superstructure – thanks to the medium-thick consistency and excellent self-leveling properties, it works great when building the C curve, filling inequalities or supplementing regrowth
  3. Extension – The right thixotropy of the product allows you to easily extend the nail plate on the template
  4. Mechanical and thermal resistance – after curing, the product has excellent mechanical properties and works perfectly with the natural nail plate; it is not sensitive to temperature, thanks to which the styling maintains its shape and hardness and is extremely durable
  5. Top – can be used as a topcoat
  6. Enhancement – It physically strengthens the nail, creating a hard coating that protects the nail plate from external influences
  7. Hydrolyzed Keratin
  8. Aminoacids
  9. Minerals
  10. Vitamins

Aminoacids, minerals and Vitamins are contained in wheat germ extract and brewer's yeast extract.

Way of use:

Base preparation: apply a thin layer to the natural nail plate and cure under a UV / LED or LED lamp with a minimum power of 36 W - 1 min. When extending, apply a thin layer and then two thicker layers.

Top coat: cure under UV / LED or LED lamp with min. 36 W - 1 min.



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