Vegan oils

Vegan oils: a natural and appetizing way to care for yourself

Daily skin and nail care does not have to be time-consuming or complicated to be effective. The most important thing is to choose the right cosmetics: that is, those that will provide your skin and nails with what they need most while also being pleasant to use. The latter factor translates into regularity of use: the nicer the scent and better the effect, the more often we will reach for the cosmetic.

Vegan oils are one of the universal proposals: you can successfully use such products to care for different areas of the body: hair, face, lips, as well as nails and cuticles around them. It has been known for a long time that the gifts of nature are often the most valuable. Skillfully combining and encapsulating them in bottles that you later obtain is a great way to provide gentle, yet effective and safe care.

Silcare's vegan oils are versatile products: they have simple (yet valuable) and pure compositions, so you can use them on different areas of the body. One oil - many uses!

Here's what we like vegan oils for!

Vegan oils are a great way to make your skin, hair and nails appetizing, fragrant and effective. Skin care oils have a wide range of effects: moisturizing, nourishing, protecting and softening. They are perfect as a stand-alone cosmetic or as an enriching additive to creams or lotions.

Silcare's vegan oil formulas are liked primarily for their lightness - the oils do not weigh down the skin and do not leave a greasy layer on it. Another advantage is the enticing, luscious scents that will subtly accompany you throughout the day, giving you energy and boosting your mood.

Vegan oil for lips, cuticles, nails and other body parts

You can successfully use Silcare vegan oil for versatile care. The same bottle will work well for both protecting the ends of your hair and treating the lengths, as well as a facial care product. The vegan oil will also be of great use as a natural protective and care product for lips: both for daily use and for nighttime use as a regenerative mask.

You can also use the oil to care for (moisturize, strengthen, make more flexible) the nail plate, as well as to moisturize and nourish the cuticles around them.

Vegan oils in the Silcare store: see what we prepared!

In Silcare's offer you will always find what you need for comprehensive nail and hand care. We like to surprise our customers with additional proposals as well: like vegan oils with versatile applications. Check out what oil proposals you will find in our current offer!