Hydro Comfort Series gently cares for tired and dry skin on feet. The treatment is especially recommended for people who are looking for an effect of deep moisturization, soothing and refreshing. The products supplement the lipid barrier of the skin, providing nourishment and protect the skin.

STEP 1 – SOFTEN. nappa Foot Soak Gel – Refreshing Sage gently cleanses the feet and cares for their dry, tired skin, preparing them for subsequent pedicure treatments.

STEP 2 – EXFOLIATE. nappa Foot Scrub – Revitalizing Avocado Oil reduces calluses and regenerates cracked heels, softens the skin and soothes irritation, as well as decreases the feeling of dryness.

STEP 3 – MOISTURIZE. nappa Foot Cream – Moisturizing 5% Urea and nappa Foot Cream – Refreshing Sage nourish and refresh the skin on feet, soothe irritation, as well as help to reduce excessive sweating.

NAPPA Hydro Comfort