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What's happening in the trends for spring?

What's happening in the trends for spring?

What fashionable manicures for spring reign in 2023? New nail trends and a return to the roots, sometimes even literally, could be observed at fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York. Today we will show you what to expect in the world of manicure for spring 2023!


Solistce in manicure

Trends change constantly, since that is their nature. Something that could be found on every corner yesterday is passé today. This happens in fashion, as well as in every other element of today's world. Remember how in 2007, in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, a sharply cut bob with bangs made fashion history? Well, just a year later it was hard to find it among even the remotely popular hair salons. It's no surprise then, that the nail world is also moving forward - sometimes returning to the inspiration of years past, sometimes creating something completely new.

Spring, in itself, is a symbol of rebirth and inspiration. The days are longer, the flowers are more beautiful and, on the nails, as was usually the case, you can find much more color than in the previous, winter months. Add-ons, beads or stamps are also starting to appear, making it easier to distinguish spring mani from the winter ones.

All this is confirmed by experts for this year as well, but some interesting conjectures have emerged. As fashion designers point out, 2023 may turn out to be the time of maxi style manicures. This means that long nails with lots of patterns, colors or decorations will be on top. At the shows even 5-cm plates appeared, which, thanks to their length, could have been turned into real works of art. Pearls, crystals and jewelry accessories were used for embellishments, and most creations included a floral motif.

The world in new colors

Due to the fact that everyday life is changing and blossoming before our very eyes, it is almost a necessity to give up cold and subdued shades, which peaked in popularity back around January. Manicures in dark colors are becoming a thing of the past, although not every darker polish has to be shelved.

Green color dominates, and it's hard to be surprised, too, after all, we all longed very much for nature coming back to life. And, here lies a bit of surprise, it's not just the fresh shade - designers and stylists are also expanding their range to include tinted green and its slightly cloudier alternatives, although the bottle variety may fall out of favor. By using such combinations, we are able to get a floral effect - after all, not every part of a leaf or stem looks the same.

In addition to the all-encompassing green, shades of flowers have also found a place for themselves. Among them we can see some blues, yellows, oranges and pinks. These are subdued colors by design, and although their flashy, neon counterparts are emerging, this year we can expect just the mild shades. Such hues can be found in our new Spring collection - among the ManiMORE, SoPRO and Flexy lines there are exactly those trendy and fresh versions of nail polishes.

In addition to them, classic red, maroon and nude polishes, which will usually find their way into everyday outfits anyway, also remain in fashion. It's hard for them to go out of fashion when they've already become so deeply ingrained in our office and school outfits.

So, spring paints itself in new, at times surprising colors. On one hand, entering the era of maxi manicures, as stated by designers, on the other, a return to green and floral colors. To make your nails fashionable in spring 2023, you should follow these guidelines, using polishes with spring hues, such as those from Silcare's spring collection.

It should also be noted that each of us has her own style - we don't have to blindly follow the trends. Let's not get crazy, especially since we can always stand by what we like or take the forecasts of experts and add a bit of our own innovation to them. Only in this way will we achieve something truly amazing. Each of us is different, so let's not be afraid to express ourselves.

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