The Recipe for Beautiful Hands and Strong Nails


Nails are a woman’s pride – how to take care of them? How to strengthen them? Supplementation, vitamin and mineral deficiency, nail care mistakes, nail diseases.


Well cared-for hands and nails are very important issue concerning appearance not only at work, but also in interpersonal relations. In this case, the statement that they are our pride is absolutely accurate.

There is a small number of sebaceous glands and adipose tissue on hands, therefore, they easily can be affected by harmful external factors. Because of them, the skin of hands becomes dry, chapped and red, whereas the nails become brittle.


What is the recipe for beautiful hands and strong nails then?

  • Regular scrub treatments of hands will make the skin smoother and better prepared for absorbtion of active ingredients included in moisturizing creams. They should be applied after every hand-washing.
  • It’s worth to exchange a metal file for paper or glass one.
  • Nail conditioner will strengthen, protect against splitting and cracking, as well as accelerate nail growth and give it nice shine.
  • Cuticle oil will ensure moisturization; additionally, it will strengthen and harden a nail plate preventing from splitting and breaking.
  • Protective gloves will protect our hands from destructive influence of detergents during clearing and washing-up.
  • In order to keep nails in good condition, watch your diet and provide essential vitamins and minerals, such as B-group vitamins, vitamin A, biotin, folic acid, silicon, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids.


The most common nail care mistakes:

  • Excessive cutting off the cuticles from the nail walls.
  • Using improper file grit – nails are sensitive for filing, that’s why too coarse files may harm them.
  • Nail biting – is not only unaesthetic, but also dangerous, because the nail plate is being damaged and bacteria are transferred from hands to the mouth.
  • Shining nails too often may weaken them.
  • Using dirty nail tools.
  • Too long baths.


Nail diseases:

Paronychia – symptoms appear suddenly and usually involve one nail. The nail area is red, swollen and painful. Within the nail wall there may appear pus.

Nail fungus – initially changes affect nail tips, which change their color to yellow, brown or white. The bed of the nail is infected, which results in the nail deformation. After some time, the nail becomes thickened, folded and discolored. The nail plate may brittle and detach from the nail bed (matrix).

Green nail syndrome – is caused by the bacterium which places under the nail plate giving characteristic green spot symptoms. Due to the infection onycholysis (the detachment of the nail) is developing and bacteria spread on the area. In advanced cases of this disease the whole nail detaches.

These are only a few examples of disorders, but it is worth to remember, that all symptoms concerning visible changes in our nails should always be alarming!