#summerwithsilcare - Neons - how to wear them?


                Intense, energizing, bold, expressive - neon lights, a hit of the 1980s, are back in favor. Initially reserved only for sportswear, now they reign on the catwalks of the greatest designers, among top hairdressers and make-up artists, as well as in manicure salons. Although extremely fashionable, these colors are quite a challenge and can be troublesome for many people. How to wear them? What to combine with? How not to overdo it with their intensity? What shades to choose? We will try to answer these and other questions in today's post.

In fashion

The 80's brought many innovations to the world of fashion. One of them was undoubtedly the development of the technique of dyeing fabrics, which allowed to obtain new, extremely saturated, almost fluorescent shades. Initially, neon lights were used in the production of well-known leggings, leotards and sports jackets, which most immediately associate with the decade we mentioned. Later, however, this trend began to be transferred to other fabrics, and now various clothing brands offer us both cotton, chiffon or tulle, as well as lace, and even (artificial) leather in intense shades of lime, yellow or orange. However, since we have such a wide selection of materials and colors, what rules should be followed in order to find something interesting in this maze of possibilities?

First, we must remember that neon lights catch the eye and emphasize the part of the body where we wear them. Therefore, it is worth skilfully planning outfits, taking into account our type of figure. In the case of pear-shapes, the neon lights on the upper part of the body will perfectly balance wider hips, and in ladies with an inverted triangle structure, bright shorts or skirts will perfectly harmonize with wider shoulders. Classic hourglasses can focus intense accents around the waist to emphasize it even more.

Second, be moderate. The neon total look looks great at a music festival or photo shoot, but can be a bit overwhelming on a daily basis. It is good to choose one main color (if you are just starting your adventure with bright tones, choose cobalt or fuchsia, and if neons are our fairy tale, and you want to emphasize your tan, lime or bright yellow will be perfect). Intensive accessories will harmonize wonderfully with a wardrobe in shades of white, black and nude - neutral colors will not only balance the neon madness, but also, on the basis of contrast, emphasize the expressiveness of strong colors.

Third, nothing by force! A good outfit is one in which we feel confident, attractive, but also at ease. If we do not yet have the courage to go to work in neon pants or a jacket, let's start with beachwear and sports clothing. It's a simple way to start your adventure with bold, intense shades and slowly get used to them.

In makeup

The neon trend in makeup is nothing particularly new, because for several years now, eyeshadow palettes in expressive, very saturated shades have appeared on the market, and since solidifying liquid lipsticks have become popular, we can easily find proposals in colors from fuchsia, through intense orange, even cobalt (a variant for the especially brave).

Working with neon shadows is not the easiest thing, you certainly need good brushes and patience, because perfect blending of the borders between individual colors (which will help us avoid unsightly stains and cuts) requires time and a bit of experience. For those who do not feel so confident in working with cosmetics, a good solution will be to emphasize the lips. Neutral eye makeup, subtle blush, highlighter and bright, expressive lipstick - this is the perfect balance between trends and conservatism, and at the same time a great solution for the summer.

On the wave of the so-called no makeup makeup, i.e. a very natural, delicate look, a fashion has arisen for omitting eye and lip makeup and replacing it with one accent, for example in the form of a line. As part of this trend, neon signs can be perfectly used - currently on the market we have a wide selection of highly pigmented, bright eyeliners and pencils in various shades, thanks to which we can create both a thin, subtle line and a dramatic cat's eye.

In the manicure

Neons are something most of us cannot imagine summer manicure without. Intense colors perfectly emphasize the tan, and at the same time bring a lot of positive energy to our styling. They can be used in many ways - on all nails in a one-color manicure, as a small accent, in an expressive, intense ombre or in a colorful variation on the classic babyboomer.

Recently, French manicure is particularly fashionable, in which the tips are painted in a selected neon shade - or even five different ones, if we want a bit of colorful madness. Another trend that has already conquered the Internet is the 80's style manicure. Color blocking, that is, combining contrasting colors, as well as geometric patterns and abstraction - these are proposals for a bit bolder, who like original patterns and combinations of shades. This type of styling will look great both with one neon color in the company of neutral colors, as well as several bright shades at once.


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