Summer Tips


Summer is here, below there are a few tips we can use in order to fully enjoy its beauty!

  1. Spending a long time outside in the Sun without appropriate skin protection might cause sunburn. In order to alleviate pain and stinging we may use earlier cooled gel with aloe vera. We will feel relief.


  1. When we try to get suntan by means of self-tanner, it often turns out that the product was inappropriately applied. Possible mistakes can be fixed by means of mixture of baking soda and water. We flush places with discolorations.


  1. In order to get rid of sand remaining on your body after spending time on beach, sprinkle your body with talcum powder. The sand will drop off before you leave the pier.


  1. During hot days, keep in your freezer slices of lemon. It will enable you to quickly make lemonade any time you like. We can also freeze fresh fruits (grapes, raspberries or strawberries), which will enrich our water.