Strong hair and a healthy scalp – a scrub for special tasks


We scrub our hands, feet or whole body with pleasure. However, we often forget that the scalp also needs to be exfoliated! See for yourself what benefits you will gain from regular application of a scrub to the scalp.


Even people who usually don't have any problem with their hair's freshness can complain about hair getting too greasy in summer. During hot days, sebaceous glands on the scalp show increased activity and start producing more sebum than usual. This means for us that freshly-washed hair may clump in unaesthetic rat’s tails just a few hours later, become flat and simply look very bad. You can save yourself with a dry shampoo, but it is not recommended to use it every day. What may help then?

Scrub – of course! After all, the scalp needs the same kind of exfoliation as other parts of the body. The shampoo is not able to clean the hair perfectly, there will always remain some styling products at the roots that weigh down the hair. The scrub can handle it! After this method of cleansing, the shampoo will foam like never before and your hair will stay fresh for longer.

People with other problems will also be satisfied with this product. If you find hair on a pillow in the morning after waking up and there is much more left on the brush than usual, a scrub can save you. It uses the Dual-Synergy mechanism which is based on the action of two complexes: BaicapilTM active complex and active plant extracts. This will help your hair grow faster and hair loss will be reduced. If you have a problem with an itchy scalp, you can also reach for our product – the chamomile extract contained in it soothes irritations. Scrub can also help in the fight against dandruff.


As you can see, a scalp scrub can do a lot of good. However, remember that if, for example, problems with hair loss persist for a long time, it is worth going to a specialist.