Skin Care Mistakes Concerning Face and Body


Each of us has our own habits and rituals related to face and body care. Sometimes even unconsciously we can harm ourselves. Check if you are not making the most popular mistakes! We admit immediately that we have some of such mistakes on our conscience...


1. No makeup removal

That's the worst thing we can do to our skin. How much tired you would be, how much crazy party you would come back from – always remember to wash off your makeup before bedtime. Both micellar gel and micellar water will work here. At night, our skin should have time to regenerate which is impossible under a layer of foundation, powder, dust and dirt accumulated on it throughout the whole day. Such neglect may lead to blackheads and spots, clogged pores and dry skin. Makeup removal is simply a duty!


2. Skipping the neck and neckline

Skin in these places is delicate and, just like the hands, can reveal our age. Most face masks should also be applied to the neck and decollete, but let's not fool ourselves: we often simply skip them in our care routine. Unfortunately, that's the place where skin becomes flabby, dry and wrinkled the fastest. Pat nourishing and moisturizing creams into your neck extremely gently without stretching it.


3. Too frequent scrubbing

Being lazy and not taking certain steps in skin care can be as bad as being overzealous, thus such approach won't do us any good. Scrubs smooth the skin, speed up the renewal process and even skin tone, but we should not use them more than once or twice a week. Otherwise, we can weaken the skin, get rid of the natural lipid coat and contribute to the breaking of blood vessels. The exceptions are extremely delicate scrubs which can be used every day.


4. Reaching for eye cream too late

The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate. Applying rich, nourishing face creams may worsen its state and weigh it down heavily, hence the eye cream should be lighter and have a thinner consistency. It should also contain vitamins, hyaluronic acid, camomile or aloe vera extract. It is not worth waiting with the use of this type of products until you notice visible wrinkles or crow's feet. Moisturized and well-cared-for skin will return the favour by a beautiful appearance for many long years.


5. Wrong choice of cosmetics

Owners of oily skin often reach for mattifying products first. After all, one may think that if the complexion is naturally oily anyway, it does not need to be additionally moisturized. Nothing could be further from the truth! Such skin needs careful treatment in the first place. Moisturising and hydrating it will reduce the production of sebum, while continuous mattifying will only make the problem worse. Moreover, we shouldn't always stick to the producers' hints. Just because we are, let's say, twenty-something years old, it doesn't mean that cream marked "40+" is forbidden for us. Everything depends on our skin's needs.


6. Hot bath

We may not decide to take hot baths as often in summer as we do in autumn and winter, but they still remain one of the favourite ways to relax and improve the mood. We all love home spas with lots of foam. However, we should remember that hot water does not have a good influence on the skin – high temperature dries it out and weakens it, so after such (how nice!) sins, let's moisturize the body properly.