Scrub Works Wonders – Easy Beauty Treatment


Scrub is a beauty treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells. It aims at improving microcirculation and skin tone, smoothing and softening the epidermis, making it easier for the skin to absorb active ingredients from the cosmetics. It also helps to prevent acne, because it unclogs sebaceous glands, thus reduces the risk of blackheads forming, moreover, it facilitates removal of ingrown hair. Furthermore, scrubs are our allies in the fight with cellulite – thanks to them the cosmetics intended for this type of problem are better absorbed.

Body scrub cleanses the skin deeper than the regular cleaning preparations like toilet soap or cleansing gel. After exfoliating dead skin cells, the skin’s regenerating processes accelerate. In connection with this, a regular body and facial scrub contributes to maintaining young skin for longer, plus they make it as soft as a baby’s.

Benefits of body and facial scrub:

  • ideally smooth and cleansed skin
  • improved and even skin tone
  • improved and strengthened skin structure
  • removed dead skin cells
  • improved and strengthened blood microcirculation
  • unclogged sweat and sebaceous glands
  • oxygenated and nourished skin cells
  • skin is prepared for further care treatments

When to use a scrub:

  • if you neglected your regular body care
  • if your skin is rough and has a gray, grainy color
  • if you were tanning outside or inside for too long
  • if you are concerned that your skin is aging
  • if you want to remove small imperfections from your skin
  • to intensify penetration of active substances contained in care products

Types of scrubs:

Nowadays, we can choose from a wide range of scrubs.

Mechanical peels – contain abrasive particles and require massage.

Chemical peels – recommended to people with sensitive skin – contain substances, which dissolve dead skin cells.

How to choose a scrub:

Cream or gel scrub – are the best for regular and frequent use. They are mostly cleansing preparations, exfoliating creams or thick body lotions containing natural abrasive particles (e.g., ground shells or seeds), soft wax balls or synthetic abrasive particles. They are really fine, but their action is sufficiently intensive to slough off dead skin. They can be used on a daily basis.

Salt scrub – quite fine, but very effective. Salt crystals are embedded in an oil suspension, for example, in sweet almond oil; it can be enriched with essential oils. It perfectly exfoliates a thick layer of skin. Nevertheless, it can irritate the thin and sensitive cleavage skin.

Sugar scrub – the strongest type of scrub; sugar is a very good abrasive material. It melts when being massaged into skin. It ideally softens and pleasant in use.

Enzymatic peel – does not contain abrasive particles. The plant enzymes dissolve the connections between skin cells. It’s ideal for sensitive parts of the body, such as neckline or neck.

Body scrub is an easy and effective beauty treatment, which quickly brightens and smoothes the skin. It becomes essential before spring and summer, just when you start revealing your skin more often. It is of the utmost importance how you perform it – the final result depends on it.


Step 1 – Take a bath

Before applying body scrub, remove all dirt from skin and any remains of care products in order to prepare your skin for the treatment.

Step 2 – Towel dry your skin

Gently towel dry your body, this will provide an appropriate adhesion for the scrub’s particles and make exfoliation effective. Using body scrub on wet skin decreases its final result, because it makes part of the scrub to flow down the skin.

Step 3 – Apply scrub

Slightly moisten your skin with water to avoid irritation. Apply body scrub starting from the lower parts of your body (feet, legs, buttocks), focusing especially on knees and elbows. Massage your body with wide circular movements, moving upwards to the upper parts of your body (abdomen, arms, back). Massage gently your décolletage and sensitive parts. Rinse scrub with water and gently pat-dry your body.

Step 4 – Moisturize yourself

After exfoliation, your skin is ready to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients or active ingredients, thus you can rub butter, lotion, milk into your skin or apply facial or body mask.