Sad Monday – How to Avoid the Blues


Every third Monday in January (in 2020 it is 20th January) the world celebrates Blue Monday (Sad Monday), the most depressing day of the year.


What is this holiday about and where does it come from?

In 2004, Cliff Arnall, a British psychologist and then employee of Cardiff University in Wales, came up with a pseudo-scientific theory. He created a mathematical formula to date the saddest day of the year (in other words a blue day). In his formula, he took into account such factors as short day, low sunshine, awareness of failure to comply with the New Year's resolutions and the approaching payment date of loans taken for Christmas spendings.

Although Arnall's theory hasn’t been scientifically proved, it is the third Monday in January that has been announced the most depressing and upsetting day. Various portals, newspapers and guides offer us more or less serious ways to "celebrate" that day and thus drive away the blues. These proposed remedies include: eating blue-colored dishes and products (e.g. blueberry desserts), singing "happy birthday" to yourself, or eating breakfast cereals in bed.


3 ways to improve your mood — a short guide from Silcare

Although depression (as well as other mood disorders) is a very serious matter and one should seek specialist advice instead of searching the Internet, there are some great ways to deal with the winter blues.

  1. Chocolate!

It is common knowledge that chocolate is a source of happiness. Not only because of its wonderful taste but also because of its rich composition. Magnesium found in it helps to regulate the functioning of nerve cells, while zinc and selenium increase release of endorphins — the so-called happiness hormones. This is not all — chocolate also stimulates the secretion of serotonin, which affects our mood and energy levels.

We recommend taking chocolate antidote for sorrows in a solid form (cubes, wafers, muffins, pralines) or in a liquid form (preferably hot and in your favorite cup). But do not go overboard with their amount!

  1. A bit of activity

After the chocolate feast, it's time for some physical activity. Surprisingly, this time it is not about burning calories! Movement is another way to naturally produce endorphins in your body, and their amount depends on the length, frequency and intensity of the effort. So, in other words, you can achieve a state of euphoria as well as reduce the feeling of anxiety and even pain already after 30 minutes from starting running, swimming or cycling!

So... Ready... Steady... Go!

  1. Shopping spree

I think most of the ladies will agree that even a little shopping can effectively improve our mood. A new lipstick or a pair of shoes will make you forget about a stressful week, and if you go to a store with a friend, it will be a great excuse to socialize. Silcare wants to give you the opportunity to shop and improve your mood as well. Especially for Blue Monday we have prepared for you a 1+1 promotion for one Euro cent on 10 selected Flexy duos in shades of sky-blue and blue!


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