Ready for… Black Friday?


The world is full of mysteries, discovering them make our fingertips to tingle, pulse to race, pupils to dilate, and our mind to focus on the current moment. If a surprise is not too extreme, then our body will respond to it with an orienting reflex (which was the subject of studies of a Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov) or a startle reaction if a stimulus in intense. In both cases, the average reaction time is 0.5 seconds and precisely at this time our brain makes a decision (either negative or positive). If a surprise is more pleasant than we expected, we will feel great joy thanks to the increased level of “happiness hormone” (dopamine).

And when if not on the biggest shopping holiday of the year – November 26 – is it worth to take a risk and experience a thrill of emotion? Our Silcare Surprise Box Black Friday Set for only €6.50 is surely a pleasant surprise (especially that you save over €11)! What it holds inside? Our brand’s 6 most iconic products! Which ones? It is a secret. We can only reveal that one of them is our bestselling red Flexy gel polish.