Prepare your hands for cold days - cosmetics from the So Rose series! So Gold!


Low temperatures, wind and dry air in heated rooms are the challenges that our hands face each fall and winter. Despite regular moisturizing, it is often the case that delicate skin turns red and cracks, and hands itch, burn and feel uncomfortably rough.

This is a sign that you need to obtain the appropriate care that will cope with the unfavorable climate of this season and provide our skin with optimal nourishment, hydration and protection. Our irreplaceable So Rose! So Gold! seriespeeling paste, oil serum and now also hand cream in two sizes.

All three cosmetics are based on beneficial ingredients of natural origin, such as Shea butter, sugar crystals, and oils: grape seed, soybean and green olive. Their action allows you to soften, smooth and deeply nourish even chapped and dry skin.

The products create a comprehensive care treatment that provides multi-dimensional protection against harmful external factors.

Thanks to the peeling paste, we can gently and effectively get rid of dead epidermis, thanks to which the skin of our hands becomes smooth as velvet and takes on a healthy color. Oil serum improves skin elasticity and strengthens the nail plate, and its unique formula absorbs quickly and provides comfort and hydration without feeling sticky. Our novelty – Hand Cream Velvet Silk – it is the perfect culmination of a caring ritual. This velvety product contains hydrolyzed silk and glycerin, which help to maintain the optimal level of skin hydration and create a protective, smoothing film on it. Shea butter and vitamin E have a regenerating and anti-aging effect.

The entire line is characterized by a tempting floral and fruity scent that pampers the senses and makes us even more willing to reach for nourishing care.

Cotton gloves with a gel insert will work as an additional step, for example while watching your favorite series or calling a friend. Enriched with natural plant oils from lavender, jojoba, olives and vitamin E, they help to renew the epidermis and make hands soft and delicate.

Thanks to these few simple treatments, our skin will be intensively regenerated and will be ready for new challenges, regardless of the weather!