Prepare Your Feet for Vacation – 4 Irreplaceable Products for Summer


Vacation season is at its best and most of us have already started completing their summer wardrobe – gauzy dresses, bathing suits, wide-brimmed straw hats and heeled sandals. We scrubbed and depilated our legs in order to make our skin silky and smooth. Our hair is appropriately hydrated and nourished, so as to make it withstand strong sun and salty water, and when it comes to our nails, they are well cared for and painted in the most beautiful summer colors. But what about our feet? How to prepare them for summer trips, our stay at the waterside or mountain hiking? Below you’ll find four irreplaceable products, thanks to which you will feel comfortable in any kind of shoes this summer and which will make your feet ready for your most active vocational plans.

1. Nappa Refreshing Foot Soak Gel with Lanolin and Urea

Foot bath should be the first step starting a pedicure treatment. Not only it’s great as a way to relax and soften the skin but it also improves blood circulation and combats bacteria. The delicate Refreshing Foot Soak Gel from Nappa line cleans and provides care for dry skin on feet and heels. The product contains lanolin that binds water in the epidermis, preventing its excessive drying, plus it leaves a protective film on its surface, which ideally secures and smooths. The cosmetic’s composition also includes urea that soothes and softens the rough skin, making it smooth and soft to the touch. Moreover, the special formula of the soak gel contains sage oil that refreshes and relieves tired feet, as well as soothes inflamed skin.

Squeeze out a small amount of soak gel into a bowl filled with warm water. Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes. Rinse your feet thoroughly with water and pat dry them with a towel.

2. Nappa Foot Mask with AHAs

The second step of foot care is exfoliation. This treatment accelerates the natural exfoliation process, thanks to which we get rid of dead skin cells, bacteria and impurities. The creamy-textured Foot Mask from Nappa line was developed based on a group of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that stimulate the skin to produce new cells, as well as make it smoother and help to absorb beneficial substances from cosmetics. The foot mask exfoliates calluses and prevents their creation. It provides care for the feet and makes them feel silky soft to the touch. After such scrub, they will present themselves amazing even in extra wide open-toe and open-heel shoes.

Apply a thin layer of cream on a thoroughly cleaned and dry foot skin. Apply a greater amount of mask on heels, calluses and corns. Leave it for at least 15 minutes to absorb. For a better effect, use it together with cotton or foil socks.

3. Nappa Foot Cream with 30% Urea

After exfoliating, it’s time for intense softening and moisturization. It’s essential to properly care for the smoothed-out skin in order to prevent it from hardening and losing its elasticity as well as to support the natural regeneration and exfoliation processes. It’s extremely important, especially if we are planning to actively spend our vacation traveling mainly by foot. Nappa Foot Cream with 30% Urea is a cosmetic product with a velvety texture, based on a mixture of peach kernel and lanolin oils, which have oiling, nourishing and smoothing action, plus they protect the skin and support its regeneration. The addition of glycerin helps to bind water in the epidermis, affecting the maintenance of optimum level of elasticity and hydration, plus it protects against excessive skin dryness. The foot cream contains 30% urea that intensively exfoliates callused skin as well as increases permeability of the horny layer, supporting penetration of active substances deep into the skin. Furthermore, it not only prevents heels from becoming dry but also exhibits antibacterial and soothing effects. The product is characterized by a pleasant, fresh fragrance with a lemon note.

All that you have to do is massage the cream into clean, dry feet until absorbed – we recommend to do it before bedtime.

4. Nappa Foot Liquid with Neem Oil

Nappa Foot Liquid with Neem Oil is the last holy grail of summer foot care. It’s a product created for active people – sportspeople, people using a swimming pool, fitness club, gym, sauna or beach. The liquid provides comfort and maximum protection for your feet. The main ingredient, neem oil – also known as Indian lilac oil – reduces dryness and itching of the skin. The foot liquid also contains sage oil that gives the product a refreshing herbal scent, reduces odor and deodorizes, while eucalyptus oil pleasantly and gently cools the skin. It’s a great solution for those on vacation who want to give particular attention to hygiene, freshness and safety of their feet, regardless if they’re going to an exotic beach or a nearby pool.

If you want to achieve best results, just spray the liquid on clean and dry feet, preferably before and after visiting, e.g., a beach, a swimming pool or a gym.

The above four propositions aren’t all that Nappa line has to offer. If you’re looking for effective cosmetics that will provide your skin with freshness, smoothness and perfect condition, take a look at our assortment of foot care products.