PediKit – Uncover Your Feet and Enjoy May Day!


Even though May Day is going to be capricious, it does not change the fact that the long awaited holiday season is quick approaching. During this long weekend, we are happily spending the time with our close ones, mostly having barbecues, picnics or long walks.

How to boost your self-confidence for this occasion? How to prepare your feet for toeless shoes and spring outfits?

Leg and especially foot care are the key. And if you’ll care for them regularly, all year round, then surely your heels will be smooth and your skin will be appropriately moisturized and nourished. However, it is worth to give your feet some extra attention a few days before your planned trip or a family get-together.

So, how to make your feet ready for the upcoming days off? You should remember about performing a foot scrub, which will exfoliate the dead skin cells. Next, you should apply a proper foot cream, which will make the skin silky smooth and soft. Finally, do not forget about your toenails – to make your feet look beautiful in your favorite sandals, it is worth to get a pedicure (preferably an easy and long-lasting one).

What if you could get all the above steps in one handy kit?

PediKit our limited edition novelty – has everything you need to take care of your feet and prepare them for the upcoming May Day. The practical transparent cosmetic bag hides inside eight steps needed to achieve an ideal pedicure stylization – disposable razor, tea tree wooden stick, nail file, foot scrub, cleaner, 3-in-1 hybrid gel, UV/LED lamp and foot cream. The contents will allow you to create a perfect stylization from A to Z, while the small size of the kit will let you carry it around anywhere.

Take a brave and beautiful step into summer with PediKit!