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Autumn has come…

You take a look outside the window – the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, and the leaves that were green not long ago are now turning golden red and yellow. You feel well-rested after the summer, so you can easily enjoy the changing weather. You think to yourself, “Oh, what a beautiful season!” The view is calling you, so you decide to take a walk in the nearby park. The rustling, colorful leaves under your feet, the cool air and a soft sweater are making you smile. Your pockets are filled with smooth chestnuts that are rattling against each other, but they aren’t enough, you want another autumn souvenir. The small, round fruits of a rowan tree are tempting you with their scarlet shade. You pick one of them, and your well-cared-for hands and painted nails shine like the most beautiful gems in the sunbeams. Don’t you just love autumn?

Now is the season when we often choose a hot evening tea in our comfortable homes after a long active day. We turn on our favorite TV series and reach for our cosmetic bags – it’s time to relax. After all, fall is the time of beauty rituals, such as, among others, hand care treatments.

What is the best method to care for the skin on our hands? First of all, create a nice atmosphere: light some candles, prepare your favorite book or music, and tell your family that you’ll be gone for half an hour and you shouldn’t be disturbed! You patted in your serum and face cream, applied a hair mask, so then it’s time for your hands. The autumn wind, chilly mornings and everyday activities affect the skin on your hands, thus you need to provide it with special care.

Were you looking for some home remedies to improve the condition of your hands? Stop looking then, because all you need is a bit of Hand Cream Velvet Silk to make your hands feel as if they were wrapped in a velvet. The fruity-floral fragrance spoils the senses, making the entire care ritual more pleasant, plus it gives you a moment for yourself. Your skin will relax together with you. Spend an autumn afternoon wrapped in Hand Cream Velvet Silk. Our cosmetics from the So Rose! So Gold! line fit to both knee-high boots and warm knee-high socks, which are perfect for both bad weather and sunny days!

Discover our newest product – So Rose! So Gold! Hand Cream.