Magical Art of Planning - Discover It With 2022 Planner From Silcare


Planning will never go out of style. Countless number of methods and programs designed to help us organize our time better and achieve our goals quicker do not necessarily have to be as effective as we would suspect them to be. In times when every minute counts, it is hard to define our priorities – at such moments, it’s worth to try out the magic of planning.

It is by no means an art of illusion, but an ability of making smart choices. In order to turn our plans into future success, it is recommended to plan ahead each day, week and month. An indispensable element of good planning is also sorting our priorities and tasks into more and less important.

Silcare 2022 Planner is a handy planning tool in the form of a small book that will allow you achieve your goals easier and more effectively. The calendar contains a section for an annual, semi-annual, monthly and weekly plan. Moreover, each page has a space for dedicated for your daily priorities and important to-dos.

The advantage of a traditional planner over a virtual calendar is scientifically proven. While making movements with a writing tool, your hand transmits more impulses to your brain than when you’re using a keyboard – it stimulates the mind to analyze more carefully and remember better what you wrote down, which in turn not only leads to more effective time planning, greater sense of control and reaching your objectives faster but also allows to rest from electronic overstimulation.

Discover the magic of planning together with our decorative, minimalistic and extremely handy 2022 planner!