Looking for ways to keep your skin smooth? Check out our body scrubs


Scrub – a quick and effective product, just grab it when going to take the shower, and voilà! But how not to get lost on the shelves and choose the right one during shopping? We give you a helping hand and present several types of scrubs. Choose the most suitable one for you!


One example of body scrub is a two-phase scrub. Such a product can consist of an abrasive layer – salt or sugar – and have a second phase made of precious oils that will additionally nourish and moisturize the body. It is an ideal solution for people who value their time and do not want to spend long hours in the bathroom. The oils that has moisturizing properties can successfully replace body balm. An additional advantage is extraordinary aesthetic qualities of these products. They simply look beautiful. In the Silcare offer of you will find two-phase scrubs consisting of Dead Sea salt. You can choose bestseller and winner of Qltowy Kosmetyk 2018  or aromatic orange scrub. Shake the package, apply the product and run to the beach.

Idealna pora na kawę jest rano i to nie tylko jako włoskie espresso. Jeśli wypoczywacie w słonecznej Italii, na pewno nie będziecie mieć problemów ze znalezieniem odpowiedniej kawy do peelingu. Zmieszajcie kawę z włoską oliwą z oliwek. Nałóżcie na ciało okrężnymi ruchami i spłuczcie pod prysznicem. Czujecie się świetnie? My też! Ach, te włoskie uliczki pełne aromatu cappuccino…

The best time to drink coffee is in the morning and we don’t think of this one in the form of an Italian espresso. If you're relaxing in sunny Italy, you'll certainly have no problem to find the proper coffee to scrub. Mix your coffee with Italian olive oil. Apply it to the body in circular motions and rinse under running water. Do you feel great? We feel great too! Oh, these Italian streets full of aroma of cappuccino...

Another proposal can be a scrub inspired by tropical fruits. Coconut shells are ideal for removing dead skin and restoring perfect microcirculation. They will help to fight stretch marks and cellulite. If we combine the scrub with oils, we will provide ourselves with plenty of nutritional value. Actually, Silcare offers oil scrub with an abrasive from a coconut shell. Let the cellulite be just the imp from the valley of the Moomins, not the one from the holidays in Ibiza!

How about moving a bit of vacation to a scrub? Mud and Dead Sea salt are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B and E. Apply yourself a decent dose of nutrients. The perfect example here is the natural scrub with mud and Dead Sea salt.

Do you not like the heavy texture of scrubs with oil? Are summer holidays the time when you want to feel light and fresh? A scrub in the form of cream has a perfect cosistency. It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film. What if we add sea algae to it? There you go!

Bask on hot sand or on a hammock in the shadow of palms. Swim in sports style or swim on a crazy pizza-shaped mattress in a sea or a swimming pool. In the evenings, have fun in the clubs at dance parties or spend romantic evenings with your beloved one at sunset. Anything on holiday is possible. Your beautiful body, which you have taken care of all year round, too!

Do not be afraid to expose your body. Brag about your beauty before it disappears under an autumn layer of sweaters. Have a good holiday!