International Beauty Day


Today we celebrate Beauty Day – the holiday that we should celebrate 365 days a year. Life in a rush, career, family, friends… How to not forget about yourself in all this?

Of course, we have our own tricks thanks to which we can quickly help our beauty and feel better. Lipstick in a matching color, favourite hairstyle, beautiful underwear under a regular sweater – then immediately our confidence increases! On Beauty Day, however, let's do something more for ourselves.

To improve your well-being, you do not need to book long hours of SPA sessions. Treat yourself to such seessions at home! Just immerse yourself in the bath and forget about the whole world for a moment. Just you, your thoughts and relaxing, fragrant bath. You can read about how to prepare it here. Such a rest, even if it lasts only fifteen minutes, will have a good influence not only on your beauty, but also on your mood because a satisfied woman is a beautiful woman!

If you have a little more time, take a few minutes before bathing to dry brush your body. This ritual has many advantages, and a smooth, firm body is just one of them. After such natural exfoliation, take a quick shower to get rid of dead skin cells and then enjoy a relaxing bath.

Remember, beauty doesn't just result from what you give your body from the outside. A favourite makeup and massage made with your beloved lotion is the bull’s eye, but don't forget that care doesn't stop there. The important thing is how you treat your body from the inside out. Diet is crucial,  this is the thing on which largely depends the condition of your skin the level of its firmness. On Beauty Day, prepare yourself something delicious, healthy, full of vitamins and colorful. And what to drink? Your favorite tea! We recommend cistus – this is a phenomenal herb, which will have a great influence on you.

As it can be seen, you can take care of beauty in many ways. Let the slogan “Beauty Day” appear on every page of your calendar because every day you can do something good for yourself! No matter if you're a colorful bird and a fan of crazy colors or you choose naturalness.

What have we prepared for this holiday? We will tell you how wonderful you can feel in your skin thanks to beautiful nails! If you do not know our product 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel yet, in the coming days we will inform you about its action and properties.