How to Relieve Sore Feet


The problem of tired, heavy, swollen and aching feet acffects a large number of the society. The most vulnerable to such ailment are individuals over 40 years of age, those who have blood circulation problems, who are working in a standing position, who are wearing uncomfortable shoes for many hours, who are overweight or pregnant. Still, even those who do not have the mentioned earlier problems and lead a seemingly healthy lifestyle tend to have sore and tired feet from time to time – especially after a busy day or during summer heats. Do you want to know what to do in such situations? Then keep on reading – maybe one of our methods will be just ideal for you!


Put your feet up!

One of the most effective ways to relive tired and swollen feet is to let them rest for minimum thirty minutes. Just lay down on your back with your legs straight, then position them above the level of your heart (you can place them on a few pillows). Keep them elevated for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Thanks to this, blood and lymph, which are accumulated in the calves, feet and ankles, will start to circulate again, making the swelling and the unpleasant feeling of heaviness to disappear.


Take a relaxing bath

It only takes twenty minutes of soaking feet in lukewarm water with an addition of foot salt to soothe them. However, a smart approach is always recommended, in other words, why not pamper your feet a bit more? Lavender salt foot soak not only softens the skin but also stimulates the blood flow, plus it helps to prevent fungal infection thanks to the contained in it boric acid. Moreover, the product’s enjoyable fragrance makes the entire foot care ritual more pleasant and calming. In order to make foot bath even more effective, it’s advised to perform exercises during the treatment – move your toes and draw small circles with your feet. This will boost your blood flow even more and help to reduce the feeling of tired feet.


Refreshing coolness

The easiest way to cool your feet and reduce swelling is a cold compress. For those who prefer a gentler (but as effective) method, the best solution is a cooling foot lotion and a simple massage. Comfort & Relief Leg Lotion is a perfect product for people who suffer from heavy legs, and have a tendency to dilated blood vessels. The cosmetic contains Legactif active complex that helps to fight the problem of tired legs. It relaxes, improves blood circulation and exhibits anti-swelling properties, plus it increases the sense of well-being. The contained in the lotion Shea butter supports cell regeneration, as well as, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while glycerin not only allows easy spreading of the product but also protects it against getting dry. Moreover, menthol included in the composition gently and pleasantly cools the legs, while its fresh aroma provides a feeling of refreshment. After massaging the product into clean and dry feet and calves, gently pull each toe apart from the next (one at a time), then bend your ankles and spin your feet a few times to both sides. When it comes to massaging the sole, sides and heel of the foot, use your thumb and make circular movements towards your heel.