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Get Rid of Bad Habits

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Get Rid of Bad Habits!

Certain habits can bring more harm than benefits. Sometimes we’re not even aware what we’re doing, until we catch ourselves doing it – for example, biting nails. Some habits ruin complexion, other make us feel guilty. Here are five selected practices, to which it’s worth to say goodbye as soon as possible. 


Needless face touching

I suspect that you’ve caught yourself supporting your head with your hand, while sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen. Or maybe it’s a frequent habit of your co-worker? Not only the body posture suffers but also the skin, which is exposed to contact with masses of bacteria located on hands. Try to control yourself, and your skin will surely thank you.

One of the biggest sources of bacteria is also on the phone – shoe sole and door handle are much more cleaner! If you’ve noticed that one of your cheeks – the one touching the smartphone during a conversation – has more pimples, then it’s a sign that you should disinfect your device more often and thoroughly. Antibacterial tissues will be the best for this. They’re useful in various situations, thus it’s always worth to have them in your purse.


Going to sleep with wet hair

Try not to go to sleep with your hair being wet. You might think that you’re saving time (and power – because you resign from using a hair dryer), but this is not a very good idea. Wet hair is highly vulnerable to damage, especially when you’re tossing and turning to find a comfortable sleeping position. This is not only about broken hair and damaged ends. Hair that dries for many long hours at night may cause headaches or colds, due to hypothermia; it also becomes a dream place for multiplication of bacteria and fungi. If you’re wondering where did dandruff or oily scalp came from on your head, it may be, that this bad habit is the cause. You can find sebum, dead skin cells and impurities on the pillow… after adding wet hair to that, you’ll put yourself at a risk of catching some serious infections.


Using too many cosmetics at once

Many of us love novelties and product testing – this is proved by the huge popularity of subscription boxes filled with cosmetics received by many women who are waiting for samples and full-value products. However, don’t forget, that using too many cosmetics at once isn’t good for your skin. You’ve more than one face cream and you apply them alternately? Their action can be mutually exclusive, so instead of moisturizing and brightening, it can cause dryness or redness. What’s more, you won’t be able to tell which one of them is responsible for the potential improvement of your complexion’s condition. The first long-term effects will appear after about two-three months from the moment when you’ve started to use the product, after such a long time you will surely know that a given cosmetic actually helps.


Manual face cleansing

Spots appear when you least expect them, usually before an important event when you want your looks to be spotless. The worst thing you can do is to squeeze them! It’s hard to get rid of such practice – the immediate need of eliminating your enemy often wins with good common sense. And yet, only a little bit of fluid comes out, the rest goes deeper into the skin, causing inflammation and formation of more and more pimples. You also have to reckon with redness, discolorations, and even scars. It’s better to use home-made methods, for instance, applying garlic on the zit for 15 minutes or drying it out with toothpaste.


Evening snacking

A very bad habit – don’t fool yourself, you’re not eating a carrot or celery before sleep, but sweets, chips, nuts, piece of a pie, toasts. Attacks on the fridge and snack cabinets at nightfall aren’t usually a result of hunger, but boredom, stress, inappropriate diet, prizing yourself for something or comforting yourself. What should you do to free yourself from snacking? Try to eat at regular intervals, plus don’t keep “forbidden” products at your home. Cleaning your teeth can be a good idea too – you will not want to remove the pleasant feeling of freshness so fast after brushing them. Nonetheless, if you’re unable to hold yourself  back from eating, try to pick something light, low-calorie – your conscience won’t be so heavy and neither will be your weight.

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