Flexy Trendy Colors Of The Year 2022 – Very Peri!


Traditionally, for the twenty-second time, the Pantone Institute has picked a color that’ll be the leading motif of the world of fashion, art and design for the upcoming twelve months. This time it is Very Peri, namely, periwinkle blue. It can be described as blue with a violet and red undertone. Not only its very warm tone (for this kind of color) is noteworthy but also the fact that for the first time a completely new shade was created especially for this occasion.


This new color is supposed to reflect the thought of the Institute’s specialists. They wanted to enhance the dynamic changes influencing – especially recently – our reality to which we constantly have to adapt. Blue is a well-known symbol of serenity, spirituality, harmony. It is often considered a sign of attachment to tradition. Introducing Very Peri as a new member to the family of blue shades is an encouragement to try new things and overcome stereotypes. It is also worth to look at the future with curiosity not fear.


Following the announcement of the color of the year, Silcare has complemented its collection of Flexy Trendy Colors Of The Year with a new shade – Flexy 22/1 Very Peri. We combined our traditional formula of Flexy gel nail polishes, known for their intense colors and great adhesive properties, with a chic periwinkle blue to create a product that will present itself gorgeously on your nails not only in 2022! It’ll look marvelous not only as a one-color manicure or a decorative element but also as a monochromatic nail art accompanied by similar shades.


If you found this new color from our palette interesting, then be sure to check our Blue Week sale because you’ll be able to buy Flexy Very Peri 20% cheaper until June 23rd! And if you want to try out a monochromatic look, you can inspire yourself with purple shades from Flexy line that we set together for you.