Flexy Ruby Heart – The Last Days of Valentine’s Day Sale!


Valentine’s Day is already over, and red is slowly disappearing from the store shelves, but this does not mean that we have to ‘break up’ with this color!

Stay in a romantic mood together with our Passion Moments body care set and sales promotion – 14% off on 18 chosen shades of Flexy and Color it! Premium.

If you still did not have the chance to go out wearing our newest, red-hot Flexy Ruby Heart, then now is your last chance to take it with you on a date (especially since its price is so fiery). Let its juicy redness accompany you not only on Valentine’s Day but every day, whenever you feel like falling in love with yourself again. And remember, use your curiosity and self-confidence while exploring love and new opportunities!

The sales promotion lasts only until February 20, 2021!