Flexy Pumpkin Spice – a little scarrry inspiration


This year's Halloween will be different than any other - perhaps a bit less crazy, spent in a smaller group or even at home, in the company of loved ones. This does not mean, however, that it should lack fun, mystery, magic and positive emotions!

No matter where and how you spend your Saturday night, don't give up your dream costume of a witch, vampire queen or superhero. Get all the glitters, paints, intense lipsticks, shimmering shadows from your make-up bag and transform yourself into the most fantastic characters, sipping aromatic autumn coffee with the sweet and spicy scent of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Especially with this special day in mind, we have prepared a limited edition of Flexy Pumpkin Spice for you. The slim, rectangular bottle of our iconic hybrid has also decided to dress up for Halloween in a new dress, and its wonderful orange color will appeal not only to those looking for a party manicure, but to everyone who loves autumn shades!

If you are wondering how to decorate your nails in an atmosphere of pumpkins, bats and ghouls - stay with us! Our Gold Class Silcare Trainer Beata Śliwińska has prepared some scarrry propositions for the Halloween night.


Pumpkin vertigo


To create this cute pumpkin manicure in a comic style, apply Flexy Hybrid Gel Solid Base to the standard nails and cure them in the lamp for 60 seconds.

Then paint two nails with Flexy No. 52 and the rest with Flexy No. 63 and harden for 30 seconds.

Rub Effect Powder Vintage Gold into the dispersion layer and cover The Garden of Colour Universal Top Matt, then harden the whole thing in the lamp for 30 seconds.

Then, with the help of Flexy Pumpkin Spice (No. 179), paint pumpkins in previously chosen places and harden in the lamp for 30 seconds.

Using Base One Paint Gel No. 19, mark the contours of the pumpkins, and then harden for 30 seconds.

In the next step, we paint the eyes (Pure Line Sugar Effect) and the leaves and stalks of pumpkins (Flexy No. 150 & 152) and harden for 30 seconds.

With Base One Paint Gel No. 19, draw lips and eyebrows to the pumpkins, and then harden the nails in the lamp for 30 seconds.

Everything is covered with Exellent Easy Vanish Sealer and cured for 60 seconds.

Finally, rinse the nails with Cleaner NAILO Formuła PRO-VITA, apply the olive to the cuticles and it's finished! Our nails are ready to become the absolute star of the evening!



For those who are still hungry for Halloween inspiration


If you want to try something different (we also remembered about those of you who are not entirely into pumpkins!), Take a look at the three suggestions in the photo above. All of them are kept in the mysterious and a bit dark atmosphere of Saturday's holiday, but each of them is unique – our Gold Class Silcare Trainer Beata Śliwińska also thought about ombre fans, as well as lovers of subtle trinkets. You can see the styles in all their glory on her fanpage, and below we have prepared a list of products that you will need to make them.

Smiling Pumpkins:


Bat ombre:


Magic Pumpkins:


We wish you a lot of fun, not only creating Halloween outfits!