Become a Spring Flower With Flexy Madame Pastelle


Spring is shyly smiling at us with its first sunrays and its first flower petals. The magnificent crocuses, tender snapdragons, astonishing irises and plain yet graceful tulips are as glad as us for the nature’s new beginning. But there is also another celebration worth mentioning — March 8 — a day when femininity and the presence of women in our daily lives is mostly cherished.

We strongly believe and encourage to show love and give care to each other every day. This will let you become one of the spring flowers — blooming with self-confidence and brightness. This way you will become a better present than the most beautiful flower bouquet for your fellow lady friends and female family members.

However, if you still wish to celebrate International Women's Day by giving someone or yourself a spring-colored gift, you can try our novelty from Flexy series — Madame Pastelle set — composed of four UV gel polishes in the shades of subtle yellow, light mint green, fragrant lavender and mallow pink, which together create a sweet and feminine palette, inspired by not only the French nature but also spring fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses. These UV gel polishes amaze with trendy, high pigmented colors as well as perfect durability and adhesion.

Flexy Madame Pastelle is the first of four sets inspired by a trip around the world and discoveries of new cultures, colors and emotions. Dare to change this spring into a beautiful flower with Flexy Madame Pastelle.