Enjoy the Summer Sun-Shine With Flexy Sunny Fandango and Fly With Us to Paris!


You feel delicate grains of sand under your feet, and before you a deep and endless blueness spreads. You walk slowly and lightly along the coast, looking for the most beautiful seashells. Your skin gleams under the full sun while you are enjoying the relaxing sound of waves that fills you with tranquility. This is exactly what you needed – beautiful views to gaze at and a break from routine.

Enough of thinking about responsibilities, only here and now matters… Let your mind be occupied by tonight’s party in the Portuguese city of Lagos! You already have a plan. After returning to the hotel, you will take your azure bikini off and put on your overalls in the color of juicy orange. The main accessory is your manicure – shiny and full of summer energy thanks to the shades of sweet raspberry smoothie and intense lime.

Get inspired by the four hottest colors of this summer and discover your style for the vacation together with our newest Flexy Sunny Fandango set. The UV gel polishes amaze with trendy, high pigmented colors, as well as, perfect durability and adhesion. Feel the Portuguese atmosphere and unleash your inner Southern temperament!

Flexy Sunny Fandango is the second of four sets inspired by a trip around the world and discoveries of new cultures, colors and emotions. Dare to change this summer into a tempting dancer with Flexy Sunny Fandango.