4 Inspirations for a Halloween Manicure


Park trees’ crowns have already turned red and lost their leaves, creating a colorful carpet that crunches and rustles under our feet. We took out our favorite sweaters, and soon the time will come to find a warm scarf on the bottom of our wardrobe. However, the middle of fall does not only mean chilly evenings and short days. Soon, we will enjoy one of the most exciting and darkest holidays of the year – Halloween!

It’s time to let our imagination roam free and adore the spookiness for one night. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to become a vampire queen or a character from your favorite horror movie? One thing is sure – no costume will be complete without appropriate manicure. If you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween nails, keep on reading!


1.     Shine!

Glitter manicure is one of the most obvious choices for a party. No wonder – shimmering particles are eye-catching, plus they look simply magical in the flashes of light. You can cover an entire nail with them or try an ombre effect. And if you prefer something more mellow – pick our newest Cosmic Dust Dry Top UV-LEDtop coat with subtle particles that looks astonishing on every color and occasion.


2.     Bloody Mani

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of scary movies? Of course, blood. Online tutorials on how to make fake wounds with makeup are very popular, this trend can be easily used on nails, too. Choose your favorite red or burgundy shade (e.g., our Flexy No. 242 from Night Fox collection) and paint several trickles of blood. They can flow down the cuticles or free edge – or maybe you’ll dare to create a “bloody” French manicure?


3.     Minimalistic approach

If glittery and gory designs aren’t your thing – don’t worry! A minimalistic manicure for Halloween can also look impressive. Black matte nails are a classic that fits every costume. Yet, if you desire something easy and subtle, try a nail art a la night sky. Just paint your nails blue (our navy blue Flexy Night Fox No. 241 will be perfect for this) and add several tiny stars and dots. Et voila! You have a manicure worthy of a true night queen!


4.     Iconic pumpkin

Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning Halloween’s most popular symbol – pumpkin. It is a very universal theme because it is associated with not only jack-o'-lanterns but also fall season. Pumpkin nail art can be easily adapted to any skill level – the ones more experienced can try painting a carved root vegetable lantern (Flexy Pumpkin Spice No. 179 will be ideal), and those who prefer something easier can simply seek inspiration in pumpkin’s color palette. Orange color together with yellow and green from Flexy Hello Manhattan! collection will work like a spell, helping you create a truly fall feeling manicure, which will also be perfect for the Halloween night.


We hope that we were able to inspire you to create something really special on your nails for this spine-tingling night. If you want to get our hauntedly good Flexy Pumpkin Spice No. 179 before Halloween, visit one of our retail stores. For every purchase for minimum €11 you’ll receive this gel polish for only €0.01!