10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel - Convenience and security


Airless packaging means a precise, accurate application, maximum use of the product and limitation of oxygen access to the product. Our multifunctional preparation 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel is enclosed in such a package! Check why it is worth trying it out.

Bottles with caps and atomizers, jars or packaging for stick products... Cosmetics can be hidden in various forms. Some of them are intended only for lipsticks, others are excellent at dealing with very thick creams. What counts here is aesthetics (it is known that pretty products are pleasing to the eye!), but functionality and hygiene is even more important. That is why it is worth taking a closer look at airless packaging.

What happens when we push the pump? Inside the package there is a piston which is sucked and it starts to push the product upwards. This is the moment when the air is exhausted to the outside. This is very important because a cosmetic that is often exposed to the air loses its properties as a result of accelerated oxidation. The airless packaging ensures that the access of oxygen to the product is limited to a maximum extent, so the product is of full value for longer. It should also be mentioned that – unlike cosmetics in jars – there is no need to touch it with your fingers (which results in the transfer of bacteria to it). The content is still tightly closed inside, and the exhausted portion by the pump can be applied directly to the applicator or brush and only then to a given part of the body. This is very hygienic!

Another advantage of moving the cosmetic through the piston is that the contents of the package are used almost entirely. This is not possible in the case of tubes; there is always a lot of product left inside on their walls, which you can reach only by cutting the package (and then allow plenty of air to enter it...). So if we care about the maximum consumption of cosmetics, we should choose those in airless packaging! By the way, we will be happy that we are be able to keep the wallet closed in the purse for longer.

Application is also worth mentioning because, thanks to the airless packaging, it is extremely precise. You don't have to press the pump to the end – the amount of the product coming out of the packaging is immediately visible. Thanks to this, we use exactly as much cosmetic as we need. One more thing: this packaging just... brings fun to press it. Additionally, every aesthete will be very satisfied with its appearance because it's hard to get it dirty from the outside, as it often happens when closing the traditional packaging! Nothing will accidentally spill out of it, so you can put such a product in a travel bag and not worry about anything.

As you can see, airless packaging brings many benefits. That is why we decided to enclose our well-known product, 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel, in it. All this so that you can work even better, easier and safer!